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A Shining Example – Andrychów

The best illuminated municipality and city in Poland. A photovoltaic installation and energy-saving LED lighting in every public utility building in the municipality, a 1MW photovoltaic power plant instead of a municipal landfill. We talk to the Deputy Mayor of Andrychów, Mirosław Wasztyl.

Andrychów has the best lighting in Poland, certainly “an example worth following”. This is the wording of the justification for awarding the First Prize to the Municipal Office in Andrychów in the competition for the “Best Illuminated Municipality and the City of 2015” in the category of “Modernisation of Municipality Street Lighting”. Andrychów is a leader of LED lighting replacement. The municipality has exchanged 2700 lamps under the SOWA Programme.

“Andrychów Municipality has been implementing an energy saving programme reducing CO2 emission for the last several years. These are our priority tasks. In 2015 we completed a comprehensive street lighting replacement into ecological LED lighting, 100% financed from external resources, winning the title of the Best Illuminated Municipality in Poland in 2015”, told us Mirosław Wasztyl.

To reclaim the old landfill in Andrychów, the municipality plans to construct a 1MW photovoltaic power plant. “We installed the first photovoltaic system on the roof of the Kindergarten No. 5 in Andrychów. It is a 10.5 kWp installation. Our goal for the years 2016-2017 is to install these systems on all 30 public utility facilities and in two of our own companies, i.e. at a waste management company and the water and sewage plant”, adds the Deputy Mayor.

All these actions taken by the authorities make Andrychów one of the most environmentally friendly municipalities in Poland, which in turn is rewarded by measurable financial benefits. These are primarily reductions in energy bills after replacing the street lighting with LED-type devices. The bills are even up to 50% lower than before. Combined with the investments in photovoltaic installations, Andrychów’s electricity expenses will fall even further, and the money that stays in the budget will be used to for other purposes.

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