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How it works

Life can be simpler - Columbus Energy, we believe that everyone should enjoy their independence and control of everyday life. We also know how well you switch on your solar energy, you spared from the first day!

How it works

The application of unlimited sun energy allows for security and independence. This is possible thanks to the reliable photovoltaic systems that allow everyone on earth to produce their own energy. Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic systems you save money and are environmentally friendly for many years. Columbus Energy will install the efficient photovoltaic system on any roof, activating one of your selected subscriptions.

Step 1 - Sun

The sun is an unlimited and inexhaustible free source of energy. One day of sun operation provides as much energy as would the earth require throughout the whole year.

Step 2 - Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels, due to the properties of silicon they contain, convert energy from the sun into electricity. Their reliability is supported by the 25-year guarantee on power production.

Step 3 - Control

To use the energy from the sun we needed to convert direct current into alternating current. An inverter is a safe and modern device responsible for this process. It also allows monitoring of the system via mobile applications.

Step 4 - Electricity

With our system you can directly use free green energy in all equipments and devices in your home. You are not limited by your tariff nor the amount of power that you would use daily.


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