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Electricity Bill for Only PLN 33.59!

This is possible thanks to the photovoltaic installation! We can prove it!


The first half of the year left the owners of the solar power plant guessing. The system for balancing the energy quantities and selling the energy surplus for 100% of the competitive market average price from the previous quarter brought feelings of uncertainty to the owners of the micro-installations. We decided to take a closer look at the process of settling the balancing system that was in force in the first half of 2016.


Piotr, an owner of a photovoltaic installation with the power of 4 kWp, was kind enough to share with us his experience of using the installation. We could examine his last energy bills from March to June 2016. Throughout these four months Piotr has used only 59 kWh from the power grid! He gave back 199 kWh to the power grid (irretrievably). The remaining energy demand was covered by the photovoltaic installation. Before the system was installed Piotr’s monthly bills were around PLN 250, while after the installation and balancing the energy and surplus sales the new bill was reduced to PLN 33.59.


“I have set up only 4 kWp because there was no more space on my roof”, says Piotr. “I installed the system not to make money but to save it. Until now my monthly electricity bills amounted to approximately PLN 250. I paid PLN 33 for the period from March to June, so we could say that I saved PLN 1000 thanks to the photovoltaic installation mounted on my roof. I would recommend it to anyone!”, adds Piotr.


This proves that photovoltaic installations in Poland are viable. In addition, from July 2016 a new legal act was passed. It further more improves the economy for this type of installations. We will check once again how the new legal act influences Piotr’s bills in a few months.

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