Thanks to free energy from the sun, regardless of your business profile, you will lower your electricity bills. Electricity prices for enterprises are unregulated and are rising steadily, strongly affecting the company’s costs. Photovoltaics is a solution that will not only increase the profitability of a business, but also have a positive impact on its image. Secure the future of your business with an installation from Columbus.

Choose a convenient financing model:



PV as a service 

Energy storage

Energy storage means even greater independence of your business.

Thanks to the device, you will not only make better use of the energy produced by photovoltaics, but also protect the company against power outages. This is important, especially in automated enterprises, where even a short power outage means losses.

Bet on safe, reliable and effective energy management that allows you to fully use the potential of renewable energy sources.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Is your company fleet already electrified or are you planning to replace your cars with electric vehicles? Or maybe you want to gain the image of a modern facility that focuses on ecological solutions?

‘With chargers do fleet, you will optimize the costs and time of EV charging in your company. In turn, thanks to a public station, your facility will gain the recognition of customers, and you will earn on the charging service.